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What you need to know about penis pumps and extenders

October 17th, 2009

Penis enlargement pumps have been used over the past couple of
decades as a way to increase penis size. The fact is that lately
the pump has been losing its ground to the newer methods of
natural penis enlargement. This is due to the problems with the
pump that are more widely becoming known.

A penis enlargement pump is a hollow plastic tube that fits over
the penis in an airtight seal at the base. A small hand pump is
attached and when used, blood is pulled from the body to force
blood into the penis.

This process is what gives it the larger appearance. To keep the
bigger erection, a tight ring needs to be put around the base of
the penis to hold the blood in. Some men who have trouble
keeping erections use this method and can have intercourse for
around 30 minutes.

So how does the stretcher device compare to the pump. One of the
main problems of the pump is the results you get. As mentioned
above, pumps provide a temporary solution while stretchers offer
permanent gains.

A stretcher will lengthen and strengthen the penis over time,
allowing more blood to flow in, which results in harder
erections. No need for a cock ring either. The size gains are
permanent and noticeable when the penis is erect or flaccid
(limp). Another problem with pumps is the negative effects of
long term use. A man can become dependent on the pump in order
to get any erection at all. The pump can also make the penis
swollen, smaller, and use of it can even become painful enough
to leave scars. This is no way to treat man’s lovemaking tool.

Stretchers, on the other hand, naturally stretch the penis over
time, allowing it to heal while you aren’t using it. Typically
worn for 4-6 hours per day, testing of 6 months use has led
quite a few men to gain over a full inch.

The extender will trigger new penile tissue growth as the body
adapts to the force from the stretching. Devices are not painful
and were initially used in penis surgery and other plastic
surgery practices to heal scars, burns, and re-grow tissue. They
are now available as a safe at-home method of natural penis
enlargement, and have also been proven effective in
straightening penis curves, or even adding a curve, if you like.

It may be time for a change. penis stretchers started in europe
and are now available in the US. Many men have put away their
painful pumps in exchange for the results the stretcher is

They could be right as not only does the stretcher permanently
enlarge the penis, it has also proven to be a valuable solution
to impotence, and penile curvature. It has also become a
complete proven alternative to all forms of penis enlargement

Michael Dunn

can a guy lengthen his penis by hanging weights from them?

October 16th, 2009

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How to stretch your penis

October 13th, 2009

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